Istanbul Gastroenterology (Internal Diseases)

Prof.Yusuf Yılmaz

Prof. Yusuf Yılmaz

Gastroenterology (Internal Diseases)

Türkiye - Istanbul - Maltepe


Born in Rize in 1978, Prof.Dr. Yusuf Yılmaz won the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University in 1996 and achieved the degree of graduation and received the title of "Medical Doctor" in 2002. In the same year, he passed the medical specialty examination and entered Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine and became an "Internal Medicine Specialist" in 2007. Fulfilling his compulsory service duty for a short time, he started his sub-specialty training in Marmara University Faculty of Medicine Gastroenterology Department with the minor exam he won in 2008. Yusuf Yılmaz, who was a "Gastroenterology Specialist" in 2011 and successfully passed the Associate Professorship exam in the same year, was appointed as "Faculty Member" to Marmara University Faculty of Medicine in 2012. According to Webometrics 2016 data, Dr. Yusuf Yilmaz, in all scientists in Turkey (not only in the medical field) reached 223 in order to settle the success of this young age.

He became the youngest 'Professor' appointed to the medical school in 2017. In 2018, he became one of the '100 Turks Leading Medical Science' in the world. It took place at Stanford University in the United States, according to research conducted in 2020 by the best scientists in the world list of 195 Turkish scientists from the University of the Republic of Turkey. showing the success of entering into this list Dr. Yusuf Yilmaz, also in clinical medicine field is between 28 scientists can take place in this list, although Gastroenterology its own disciplines involved from Turkey showed the success of being one name.

Dr. In 2007, Yusuf Yilmaz yet because the original study on fatty liver disease Hepatology Foundation of Turkey, while the internal medicine assistant PAYKOÇ Victory took the prize. He received Uludağ University Publication Special Award in 2008, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine Outstanding Achievement Award in 2010, Marmara University Highest Publication Permission Award in 2011, as well as research awards from many national and international congresses. He received the Eczacıbaşı Science Incentive Award in 2011, and the Bayındır Medicine Incentive Award in 2012, which is considered one of the most prestigious awards for our country.

According to Google Academic 2020 data, it is ranked among the best academics in our country with its> 40 h index. The annual number of citations reached 1400 in 2020.

His scientific research is related to the discovery and clinical use of non-invasive methods for screening, diagnosis, and severity of fatty liver disease. Professor, who is the most experienced physician in the country with his scientific research in fatty liver disease. Dr. Yusuf Yılmaz has also been a pioneer in the world literature with some of his works.

Thanks to his highly devoted work, he succeeded in being a writer in prestigious journals where only world-renowned scientists were invited and their reviews were published. Thanks to all these achievements, he is one of the few scientists from Europe elected to the international NASH committee. He is also a member of the European Liver Research Association, the American Liver Research Association, and the American Chronic Liver Foundation.

He has referee duties in more than 50 international journals such as Hepatology, Journal of Hepatology, Alimantary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Diabetes Care, Metabolism. The best referee, the most cited research, the most cited scientist in various years have also shown their success.

The most experienced person in the Fibroscan use in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yılmaz shares this experience with his colleagues both in Turkey and abroad with training courses for physicians.

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