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Prof.Osman İlhan

Prof. Osman İlhan


Türkiye - Ankara - Çankaya



He graduated from Ankara Faculty of Medicine in 1978. After receiving his Internal Medicine Specialization in the same faculty in 1982, he completed his military service as the chief assistant in GATA Hematology Clinic. After completing his Compulsory Service at SSK Ulus Hospital, he returned to A.Ü.T.F for a minor specialization. He became an associate professor of Hematology in 1990. He worked in Genoa, Italy, to increase his knowledge and understanding of leukemia. The team took part in the blood stem cell transplantation for the first time in turkey. Dr. İlhan, who served as the chairman of the Turkish ALL working group, served as a board member of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine between 1993 and 1996. In 1996, he went to MDAnderson Cancer Center in the USA with Prof. Dr. Martin Korbling and Prof. Dr. Richard Champlin. He worked on Stem Cell Mobilization, Cryopreservation and Transplantation. He became a professor of Hematology in 1996. In 1999, he was elected as the regional president of the ESFH (European Society for Hemapheresis). Dr. İlhan, who became the Founding President of the Hemapheresis Association in 2000, entered the management of the World Apheresis Association (WAA) in 2001, and became the President of the Turkish Hematology Association in October 2001. Turkey, where the president took various tasks in the Bone Marrow Transplantation Foundation. Dr. İlhan, who has been active in the European Association of Hematology (EHA), was a board member of ECAH (European Committe in Accreditation of Hematology). Provider Status as taking part in the accreditation of made congresses and courses in Turkey CMA in creditable Turkish Hematologist the front of the açtı.jacı (Joint Acreditatio Commit the ISCT-EBMT) inspector who dr.ilh the same time as Turkey responsible oldu.mds Foundation member of the dr.ilh of 2005 İlhan, who played an important role in the establishment of the Balkan Hematology Union, was the Head of the Department of Hematology at Ankara Medical Faculty between 2003-2006, by chairing the 30th World Hematology Congress in Istanbul and the 15th ESFH European Apheresis Congress in Antalya. tried to bring the clinic to international standards during his time. He was the founding president of the Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Association, which was established in 2008, and became the founding president of the Geriatric Hematology Association in 2011. He is the Honorary President of the World Apheresis Congress (WAA) held in 2012. Dr. İlhan, who previously served on drug licensing and ethics committees in the Ministry of Health, served as the President of the Photopheresis-Apheresis Commission, the Bone Marrow Transplant Scientific Committee, as well as the National Organ Tissue Cell Coordination Board, the Cord Blood Scientific Board and the Stem Cell Research Board. . He is the founding president of the STEM CELL FOUNDATION. Turkey's bone marrow and stem cell transplantation has contributed in bringing the international level. Turko (Turkey Stem Cell Donor Bank) has taken an important role in the establishment. Dr. İlhan, who has published in more than 200 Pub-Med registered journals, has more than 3000 citations and 1050 EHA-CME credits, holds the Platinum CME certificate of the European Hematology Association, is a member of the editorial board of Transfusion and Science and Therapeutic Apheresis journals. Received service award from European Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Association (EBMT-JACIE). He also has a certificate of appreciation from the Turkish Hematology Association in this field.

Prof. Dr. Osman İlhan is the President of Ankara Medical Foundation and President of Ankara Medical Association. Turkey Golf Federation is a member of the Board Prof. Dr. Osman İlhan is also a golf referee. International Society of Geriatric Oncology 's is responsible for Turkey.

"Professor Osman İlhan Hemaferez Award" is given to a researcher every year since 2009 on behalf of Prof. Dr. Osman İlhan, who is the owner of the "Lifelong Service Award" of the Hemapheresis Association. KOKTENCOZUM ( and HEMAFEREZ ( received two trademark patents from the Turkish Patent Institute on his behalf.

In Turkey, has launched its telemedicine applications in the field of Hematology (

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