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Prof.Meral Kayıkçıoğlu

Prof. Meral Kayıkçıoğlu


Türkiye - İzmir - Bornova


He was born in 1970. He completed Bornova Anatolian High School in 1988 and Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1995. He completed his residency in cardiology at Ege University in 1999. He became associate professor in 2004 and professor in 2011. He is currently working as a general cardiologist in Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cardiology.

Research areas; Prevention from cardiovascular diseases, early myocardial infarction (heart attacks) , functional hypercholesterolemia, hereditary (hereditary) thrombophilia, lipid disorders, cardiovascular disorders in hemodialysis patients, echocardiography and pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary hypertension).

He was also in the USA (San Diego) Pulmonary Hypertension Center in 2004. He has been running Ege University Faculty of Medicine Lipid Polyclinic for 20 years and pulmonary hypertension outpatient clinic since 2004.

He served as the National Coordinator in the project of the European Society of Cardiology for the purpose of Protection from Cardiovascular Diseases between 2009-2014.

She was assigned as a researcher in the “Red Alert for Women's Hearts” project by the Turkish Society of Cardiology, led by the European Society of Cardiology, and is currently working in the Women's Heart Health Group, which was established in 2009 for this purpose.

She is a founding member of the platform 'Lady's Hand to Woman's Heart', which was established in 2013. She is actively involved in this project, which aims at awareness of women's heart health in our people.

My Professional Activities:

I run the Lipid polyclinic twice a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). I am particularly interested in patients who had a heart attack or vascular disease at a young age, on Tuesdays.

I work in the echocardiography lab on Thursdays

I have been doing the PAH (pulmonary hypertension) outpatient clinic on Fridays.

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