Istanbul Cardiac Surgery

Prof.Mehmet Salih Bilal

Prof. Mehmet Salih Bilal

Cardiac Surgery

Türkiye - Istanbul - Ataşehir



Rize Çay Primary School: 1967-1972

Rize Zihni Derin Secondary School: 1972 - 1975

Rize High School: 1975-1977

Istanbul Private Şişli High School: 1977 - 1978

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty: 1978 - 1984

Istanbul University Institute of Cardiology Department of Cardiovascular Surgery: 1986-1992


Since 01.02.1994, for 6 months, he has been actively working as a specialist in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the “Onze Lieve Vrouwe Ziekenhuis” hospital in Aalst, Belgium, on heart transplantation, aortic aneurysms, mitral repair, arrhythmia surgery and coronary revascularization with arterial grafts received advanced training.

From 01.03.1996, for 6 months, at the University of Alabama Cardiac Surgery Clinic in America, Dr. A.D Pacifico and Dr. He worked with J. Kirklin as a special postgraduate fellow.

She worked in adult and congenital cardiac surgery clinics at Columbia Presbyterian University in New York for one month starting from 05.09.1996 and received two separate training on left ventricular assist devices.

He worked on pediatric cardiac surgery in London's Great Harmond Street Hospital for a month in August - 1998.

In 1999, he participated in the "coronary bypass in the working heart" workshop at La pitie Hospital in Paris.

In 1999, he made observations on pediatric cardiac surgery at Marie Lannelongue Hospital in Paris.

In 2001, Mr. He received training on coronary bypass in the working heart at Antonius Hospital.

In 2007, he made examinations in the field of pediatric cardiac surgery at the University of Giessen in Germany.

In 2009, at Pasquinucci Hospital in Massa, Italy. He received training on "minimally invasive mitral repair" from Glauber and his team.

In 2012, he performed in the pediatric cardiac surgery department at Washington Children's Hospital.


General Practitioner: Between 1984-1986, he completed his compulsory service in Bitlis.

Assistant doctor: In 1986, he started his residency training in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Istanbul University Cardiology Institute.

Specialist Doctor: In 1992, he became a specialist in cardiovascular surgery with his thesis titled “The role of antegrade / retrograde continuously oxygenated hot blood cardioplegia in myocardial protection” and started to work as a specialist in Istanbul University Cardiology Institute Cardiovascular Surgery Department and Florance Nightingale Hospital.

Assistant Professor: He was appointed as an assistant professor in Istanbul University Institute of Cardiology, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery in July 1993.

Associate Professor: Successful in the associate professor exam he entered on 17.10.1995, he gained the title and authority of associate professor. Until 2000, he continued to work as a faculty member in Istanbul University Institute of Cardiology, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery.

Clinical Director (TDV 29 Mayis Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic: 2000-2001): Resigned from his job at the university on 24.1.2000 and established the cardiovascular surgery clinic with his team at TDV 29 Mayıs Hospital. He performed around 750 pediatric and adult cardiac surgeries in this center.

Chief of the Clinic (Siyami Ersek Hospital: 2002-2008): He started to work in Siyami Ersek Hospital, where he was appointed as the clinic chief due to the need of the Ministry of Health especially in pediatric cardiac surgery. He carried out the establishment of complex congenital heart surgery together with neonatal and infant cardiac surgery in this center. At the same time, the heart transplant team was assigned as delegation.

Clinical Director (Medicana Çamlıca Hospital: 2002-2003 and 2005-2009): Adult and pediatric cardiac surgery programs were carried out intensively in Medicana Çamlıca Hospital in two terms.

Professor (Yeditepe University: 2005-2007): He was appointed as a faculty member at Yeditepe University on 07.01.2005 and simultaneously worked as the Clinic Chief at Siyami Ersek Hospital. He received the title of professor in June-2005.

Clinical Director (Medicana International Istanbul Hospital: 2008- Today) left his duty of clinical chief at Siyami Ersek Hospital in February 2008 and became the director of the cardiovascular surgery clinics of Medicana Çamlıca and Medicana International Istanbul Hospitals. He is currently the head of Medicana International Istanbul Hospital cardiovascular surgery clinic.

Overseas assignment (Republic of Yemen: March 2009): As the head of the cardiac surgery team formed by the Ministry of Health, he went to the Republic of Yemen and performed the surgery of pediatric cardiac patients there.


Bitlis Province Deputy Health Director and Deputy Health Director: 1985-1986

Istanbul University Cardiology Institute Board Member: 1997-2000

Medical Directorate of TDV 29 Mayıs Hospital: 2000-2001

Siyami Ersek Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Chief: 2002-2008

Medicana Çamlıca Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department Head: 2002-2003 and 2006-2009

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department Head: 2008-


Turkish Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Association

Turkish Cardiology Association

Turkish Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Association

National Vascular Surgery Association

The Society of Thoracic Surgery

Eurepean Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery


International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

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